Modernization of automatic telephone exchanges. SMT assembly Electronic Systems

Scientific-industrial company “Electronic systems of the Ukraine” was founded in 1992 by the group of specialists, working in the field of communication. The main orientation of the activity is working out, production and introduction of telecommunicate systems and embedded systems for automation of industrial equipment.

 In company works experienced professional engineers and managers length of service not less than 10 years in the field of hi-tech. Employees of our company have got higher education and scientific degrees in the fields of informative technologies and took part in working out of such projects as:

 telecommunications (automatic message accounting equipment for PABX, registers, switching equipment (PABX), mini-PABX, Soft Switches), railroad automatic equipment, security systems, counters, automatic systems for PCB production equipment, reverse engineering, cryptography, computer security, CRM systems.

Electronic Systems

Our services on the development of informative systems include the cycle of working out from the analysis of demands to introduction, teaching and supporting of the worked out product.  Reach experience, accumulated by our collective, allows to perform a quick and qualitative development, prototype design, serial production of worked out articles, installation works, customer support.  

We suggest recommendations in the following branches:

- choosing software and hardware architecture and worked out technologies of necessary equipment and software

- project and prototype design of informative systems

- collecting and analysis of demands, development of technical task.

 The hardware department  providing guarantees the agreement with a customer of a technical task, choosing the platform for optimum decision on the correlation of price/quality and full cycle of development: making schematic diagram, design and tracing of PCBs, SOF, making of design and production documents.\

During the development it is used as industrial PC-based solutions and native controllers design on the base of components of the leading producers. In developments it is used microcontrollers by Atmel (series AT89, AT91), Philips (series LCP2000), AMD (series AM80x86), Intel (series 80x51,80x86), Analog Devices (series ADuC, ADSP BlackFin BF532, ADSP 21xx), Texas Instruments (series MSP430). In the process of the development it is used such instrumental means, as ORCAD, PCAD, Specctra, CAM350, PSPICE, Altera MAX+PLUS II, Quartus.

 A mechanical department ensures design and producing BODIES, supportive elements, assembling of product.

 A programming department provides with the development of software for developed items and service software for personal computers. Employees of the department have the experience of work with such technologies and platforms:

 Platforms: QNX, Linux, Minix, FreeBSD, Pocket PC, Palm, uCOS-II, eCOS, Windows CE, Windows XP/Windows XP Embedded

 Languages, technologies and standards:

C/C++/C#, Assembler (Intel 8051/80251/80x51, Analog Devices (ADuC, ADSP BlackFin BF532, ADSP 21xx)), AHDL, Java, MS SQL Server, T-SQL, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, UML, Borland Delphi, COM, WinAPL, ADO, FireBird, IB server, Perl, Gimp, VC 2003, VC 6, eVC3, Code Warrior, VS2005, industrial Ethernet, CAN, GUI (Windows, Unix, QNX), TCP/IP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, ActiveX, OLE, ODBC/JDBC, JVM).

 Experience of work in a team allows swiftly and effectively to develop supplements of different levels of complication.

 The manufacture department provides entire cycle of production of developer items. Regulated relations with the greatest providers of complete sets allows to supply with element as for tested batches and for serial manufactures. PCBs are ordered from partners with checked quality of production and short periods of the performing of the order. Own production of SMD-assembling of the Quad company production including VMP20 Vertical Motion Stencil Printer, QSA-30 High volume SMT assembler, Convection reflow oven, provides qualitative and quick installation and soldering of SMD-components. The collective of the assembling and installing of items, requiring handy soldering and installing, and assembling the whole product. The department of hardware analysis performs testing and TUNING of products, makes testing how the article works in different climatic conditions (checking the work in limited temperature humidity, on shaker)

 Cooperation with the state bodies of standardization, metrology and certification allows to check and certificate products on electromagnetic compatibility, steadiness to external influences and in accordance with different standards. Installation’s department is a mobile group of trained specialists, allowing in a short periods of time to make assembling installation works and training of the customer just in the company.

 Accumulated experience with our and foreign providers and customers and own industrial base lets us to offer not only the development of the items, but its production. In the process of production can be used components of a customer, and we can buy components by specifications of a customer, to select  functional analogs, to order the production of PCBs, to make assembling, testing of products for fulfillment of climatic standards, EMI checking, to arrange solution all kinds of questions, connected with customs during the import of components and export of products.  Installation team can provide leading in exploitation of objects in a short period of time.

So, we can give you as a complete cycle of production of articles, beginning with developing technical tasks till its production and introduction, and performing separate steps, for example, writing embedded software. Our services include:

-   project technical analysis

-   development of pilot project  and analysis the conception of system’s architecture

-   analysis, estimated of resources and time, prototyping of scientific projects

-    estimated of projects value and recommendations on using of technologies and products for providing of optimum combination of price and quality

 We are striving to develop long-term cooperation with our customers, using the principals of individual approaches, ethics and responsibility for our own work.

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