Electronic Systems
SMD technology

Designing and Producing Printed Circuit Boards

Source Data for Designing PCBs:

  • electrical schematic diagram (of any format: PCAD, OrCAD, Protel etc. or a drawing);

  • performance specification (operating conditions: temperature range, rated operating temperature, protection against corrosive media, product hermiticity, durability requirements etc.);

  • outline board drawing (maximum board size is 400x280 mm);

  • list of components (rated value, package type, manufacturer).

PCB Production:

  • source data of any format: .pcb (PCAD, OrCAD, Protel etc.) or Gerber files + drilling (Exellon format);

  • PCBs are produced abroad (in a so-called far abroad) according to ISO 9002;

  • from 1 up to 8 board layers, minimum track and gap of 0.15 mm (6 mills), minimum pad diameter of 0.7 mm (28 mills), minimum hole diameter of 0.4 mm (16 mills);

  • normal lead time: 10-14 days.

The operations we perform include production of PCBs plus surface mounting and soldering only.

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