Modernization of automatic telephone exchanges. SMT assembly Electronic Systems

We manufacture and mass-produce following equipment:
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Connection Routing Equipment (CRE)
CRE is intended for upgrading the existing electromechanical telephone exchanges of coordinate and decade step systems and for using in public communications networks.

Smart multiplexing system based on CRE (analog-to-digital conversion system).

ATSK 50/200. From upgrading to the digital ATE
Electronic Systems offers a concept of improving the quality of communication in rural areas.

Single-board configurable digital stream switch MRT-248
To solve the problem of the interexchange tandem switching of mixed PCM channels with a different bandwidth our company has designed a single-board controlled digital stream switch MRT-248.

AMA Equipment (Automatic Message Accounting) for all types of automatic telephone exchanges. The system operates in 12 regions of the Ukraine and Russia.

'Signal Conditioner for Automatic Telephone Number Detection' System (SC-AND)
To organize an automatic trunk communication the telephone number of the calling party is to be detected. In order to perform this the equipment for automatic telephone number detection is used at automatic telephone exchanges.

SSR Register System is a fully digital device that performs reception, processing and issue of information. This system is intended for substitution of existing relay and electronic register equipment of co-ordinate automatic telephone exchanges.

ATSK 100/2000 Upgrading
The system is intended to improve the reliability of exchange operation, quality and functional structure of the provided communication services.

Check register for marker testing

Calibrated connection control panel

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