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VMP20 Series Vertical Motion Stencil Printers

  • Programmable precision operation

  • 100% vertical, controlled-speed separation

  • Exceptionally flexible system tooling

  • Independently controlled dual squeegees

  • Precision board alignment technology

QSA-30 High volume SMT assembler

  • Single gantry, triple pickup design provides placement rates up to 13,000 CPH

  • Handles boards from 2"x2" to 16"x18"

  • In-process QuadAlign touchless centering from 0402 through QFP208

  • Provides consistenly accurate placement and minimizes missing or tombstoned placements

  • Placement and sequence optimizer standard

  • Direct download from most CAD systems standard

  • Optional feeder bases for quick changeover of all feeders in under 5 minutes

QCR 531 Convection reflow oven

  • Unique passive preheat zone

  • Full forced air convection heating

  • Dual active cooling zone

  • Integrated real-time PC control system

  • High-mass heating with high thermal reserve capability

  • Four-channel profiling

  • Zone-to-zone temperature separators

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