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SMD technology

Miniaturization degree of modern components and SMD components particularly makes any manufacturer of the electronic equipment look for the ways of implementing their ideas on a higher quality level.

This resulted in a wide usage of surface mount technology (SMT) to produce electronic equipment which offers the following advantages:

1. Automatic production of the equipment provides high quality and reliability of the assembled products.
2. High technological effectiveness.
3. Reduction of production time.

As a result of a search for an optimal solution we have bought an automated line for assembling SMD components from the US company QUAD.

Due to the usage of SMT the products manufactured by our company changed considerably. The dimensions of PCBs were significantly reduced (by 1.5-3 times) which resulted in a reduction of their cost that in combination with a low price of SMD components caused the reduction of the cost of the products. 

Designers now can use the components of any size (including the smallest components and the components with low pitch) the placement of which was very difficult to perform using other placement methods.

The problem of placement the components with wrong rated values and incorrect assembly of polar elements was completely eliminated. 

The flexibility of the technological process and high speed of resetting the line to manufacture other products make it useful to assemble even a small amount of boards. 

The facts mentioned above allow along with satisfying the needs of the company to help other companies involved into designing and producing electronic devices with using surface mount technology. Our specialists will help you to implement your idea into a finished product from the ground up or they will be able to join you at any design or production stage. 

Based on our experience with PCB assembling, designing and monitoring we can also offer our consultations related to different designs at any design and production stage.

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